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stupid girl and her messy dildo gwenyt

stupid girl and her messy dildo gwenyt

I-ve put together a series of clips that I took for a friend while he was making me fuck my butt and degrade myself. I refer to ---daddy--- during the clip.
-I push as hard as I can to get the non-lubed, big dildo up my butt, it hurts but I-m able to push it in all the way like a big girl. Daddy said if I can get it halfway in then I can take it out and get it slobbery with my mouth! I pull it out and I-m not surprised that it has poop on it and I know that I-m supposed to lick it off like the yucky girl that I am. Sucking, spitting and making ---ew- noises I enjoy doing these gross things.
-I push it into my butt again while it has lots of spit on it fucking my butt even harder, it starts to hurt so daddy tells me I have to give ten counts of hard thrusts into my butt, I do so and I don-t stop after ten, I love hurting my butt because I know I deserve it all while whimpering. When I pull it out it-s even more messy than the first time! I start licking and sucking on it saying ---I don-t want to--- and degrading myself saying things like ---pretty girls don-t have to do this--- and ---I-m worthless---. I know I need to be good at entertaining. Once the dildo is all slobbery I turn around and show my messy butthole to the camera, I push out and there-s still a little bit of poop coming out. The last thing I say is ---I-m sorry, daddy--- for being so gross.

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