Masked And Gassed HD Under Goddess Amirha

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After a long day at the beach sweating and drinking martini`s hitting the occasional taco stand, I stumble back onto gas mask after finding my lazy ass boyfriend laying around watching TV when he should be at the beach, getting my drinks for me and tending to me. This is bullshit. I strap the mask to his face and let him have some of the aftermath of what I`ve been doing all day!! Sealing the hole to the little hose on my asshole I blast my toxic after party taco gas directly into his face! It literally has nowhere to go except directly into his face, every ounce of it into his lungs while he just lays there helplessly, forced to filter my gas. I won`t smell a thing;) I hope all that laying around today was worth being my little fart filter, bitch. I Launch fart after fart into his face while he just lays there in agony!! :`D Take it all piggy. Suck up all my smell. I do it in multiple angles finsihing up with a close up-nude style almost POV angle, even moving the hose to blow a couple POV kisses to my slaves. When hes had enough and I think hes gotten used to the smell I remove his mask and order him to stick his tongue into my ass. Blasting farts up his tongue straight into his mouth like a funnel. Letting him taste and smell all of me. Almost tempted to put his mask back on because I was starting to smell them and they were TERRIBLE. After I`m all gassed out I sit forward on his face with his nose deep inside my pussy, allowing him to get off while he still has remnants of my sht in his mouth and nose.. but its taking him too long... I let him know I`m not getting up until he gets off... 1 minute later he follows through like a good little slave... He shouldn`t get used to it though, his new chastity device will be arriving in the mail soon;)